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Continuity Clinics

We offer 2 types of continuity clinic settings:

  1. Combined medicine/pediatrics clinics in the community where you are precepted by med/peds-trained attendings.
  2. Traditional, separate medicine and pediatric clinics that alternate each week during your training. These separate medicine and pediatric clinics are primarily affiliated with university-based clinics.

Each type of continuity clinic offers different educational advantages. Because our continuity clinics vary in location, each one offers a unique exposure to different health care systems and patient populations, which our residents have expressed has been a valuable experience. We offer a diverse range of continuity clinic opportunities, including Federally-Qualified Health Centers, primarily Spanish-speaking clinic sites, private hospital system clinics (such as Sharp Health Systems) and other unique clinic sites. The program director will take into consideration any particular requests or interests a resident may have when assigning continuity clinics, depending on clinic availability.